Molds – This is a product prototype, crafted as a positive (master model) or a negative (negative matrix), serving as the basis for reproducing subsequent parts based on its geometry.
MDF sheet material is used to manufacture the molding. This makes production more affordable. You get a tooling from which you can repeatedly take a die after.

What we are doing in steps

This stage involves adapting the conceptual sketch to the surface of the scanned element and making a precise fit to the place where the element will be installed.

Duration: 7-14 days
Technological proposal
Design and adaptation of the future tooling to the production method. At this stage, its type is defined, its shape is analyzed and it is segmented, if necessary. After that, additional flange design is performed and a workpiece model is created.

Duration: 2-4 days
CNC machining
The block is placed on the CNC machine and processed. The next stage is going to be post-processing

Duration: 7-21 days
The final step is to coat the mold and create the outer " skin" of the work surface. There are several techniques for coating the mold, so we negotiate it with the customer individually. When the mold is coated, it is ready to be transferred to the next technological stage - die removal.

Duration: 3-5 days

Types of molds

The selection of the tooling type depends on the method of production and the complexity of the part itself. Based on our experience we can provide you time & cost effective solution
One-peace mold
This is a simple mold without inaccessible surfaces for milling, usually with a flange. The flange is used to allow the molding material to extend beyond the work surface, to give a clear edge to the product, and to accommodate additional tooling.
Segmentized positive mold
A segmentized positive mold is a shape that has surfaces that are inaccessible for milling, so it is most often separated by connecting flanges and milled with other master models.
Two-sided mold
The type of molding replicates the future product completely from all sides.
Negative mold
A negative mold is a tooling in the form of a negative. It is mostly made with flanges and can be composite and even double-sided.
Ranges are provided for standard projects. For an accurate cost assessment, please send the model to
  • Steering wheels
    from 500 to 700 USD
  • Spoilers
    from 500 to 600 USD
  • Fenders
    from 800 to 1200 USD
  • Splitters
    from 800 to 1400 USD
  • Bumpers
    from 2000 to 3000 USD
  • Hoods
    from 3000 to 5000 USD