Turn-key design projects

Our team is dedicated to creating projects to change the appearance of cars. We cooperate both with racing teams from motorsport and with companies who give a unique look to ordinary cars. We have experience in developing both small decorative body elements and tuning kits that completely change the appearance of the car.

Steps of work

Requirements gathering

Before we start designing and building a product, we carefully prepare the terms of reference and business case for the entire project. At this stage, all the necessary data is collected to decide whether to start development or not.
Sketch and functional layout

After drafting and approving the assignment with customers, we start developing product sketches and planning the realization of its functionality. We create sketches that reflect the usability and functionality of the product. In the process, we also think about how we can improve overall features such as aerodynamics, weight, and maintainability. Our goal is to create a layout that fully meets our customers' needs.
Determining the method of manufacture

During the process development phase of part production, we analyze materials and manufacturing methods. We select optimal manufacturing methods, develop technical specifications, set quality standards and determine the sequence of operations. Our goal is to provide an efficient and high quality manufacturing process that meets customer requirements within the allocated budget.

Engineering and nodal design

During the engineering and sub-assembly design phase, we put our efforts into creating detailed technical solutions within the shell of the design selected in the sketches. We use advanced methods and technologies to develop detailed 3D models and drawings, ensuring the reliability, safety and aesthetic performance of our products.
Preparation of working documentation

In the working documentation phase, we create all necessary technical specifications, assembly and operating instructions, and other documents required for the production and use of our products. Our goal is to ensure that the documentation is simple and easy to understand for our customers.
Production of a reference sample

At this stage, all engineering solutions are checked. After manufacturing, it is checked whether the product meets the requirements set at the beginning of development. Detailed feedback is collected to make our product even better.